I believe in keeping things simple and avoid creating confusing and fiddly packages. Too many bells and whistles are just distracting.
Any option you decide to choose will have the following and then you can add to create what is right for you and your budget.
USB РFull high resolution images in colour Рunlimited (full day average 1200 images)
Low resolution images in black and white (for comparison preview).
Online password protected login gallery to view images.
Free high resolution download of images option for family & guests.
Venue check, consultation and travel. (subject to distance).
Secure delivery of USB’S and albums.
A great way to show your wedding day photographs is with an album. Gone are the days of 30 images glued into mounts only showing the highlights. The albums I offer are all bespoke, designed by me without using any pre designed templates. I can create your design clean and simple or mix in graphics and coloured backgrounds to suit your style and theme. Also having been trained as a graphic designer I can tailor a great looking album that will show of your images to their best. I use different companies depending on materials preferred, offering linen albums housed in wood cases to leather albums with acrylic and metal cover options. (I can show you several examples during a meeting). These can either be ordered as a package or if you wish ordered later. I do not push you, I am a photographer not a salesman I want you to be delighted with your album when the time is right for you.

For a price list of suggested options as packages with and without albums please complete the enquiry form on the contact page.

There are many wedding photographers out there and I know how important making the right choice is. I love what I do and am honoured when chosen to photograph the most important day of someones life. What I see in so many wedding photographers is lack of really understanding technique. My view is that you need to be creative with a good eye to capture beautiful and natural images but having a good eye is only part of the story. What use is a visually strong image if it is blurred or badly lit or the colours are yucky.
I am a creative documentary and portrait photographer, qualified and trained with many years in the professional industry having worked in London for magazines, advertising agencies and design groups as well as weddings. I have learn the craft of the industry and keep up to date with cameras and new software. I shoot manually, being in control of the camera, no auto settings with my fingers crossed. I know how to use lighting and more importantly when to use it and have invested considerably in the right equipment to ensure that no matter what the conditions are I can adapt to make your images beautiful but also technically correct avoiding disappointment.

Being a professional photographer as a rule I do not shoot bad images. There will of course be occasional closed eyes or a stronger frame out of a developing sequence so there is always editing and selection but to offer you a mere 300-400 images out of 12 hours + of photography is madness. Your day is busy with a lot of different things going on, all aspects need to be covered well and in depth to bring out the full story and capture unique gestures, expressions and moments. The speeches alone with multiple speakers, guests reactions, wide shots and close ups add up the numbers. For this reason I do not quantify to a fixed number of images. I believe you should have all of the images that express your day after a sensible but not cruel edit. You can have quality and quantity. (You can have your cake and eat it, especially wedding cake) and I work hard to ensure both. A full day would average around 1200 images +. It is not about what I can get away with, either on the day or with the processing time. I want you to know that you have the complete diary of your day captured with no lost memories.


After the wedding all of the  images are fully edited and print ready going through various editing stages ensuring full image quality. On average for every hour of shooting there is two hours of processing and production. I ask for 3-4 weeks to do a full edit and process as being a very methodical worker I want to ensure full care and attention to the final selection. The images are then supplied on USB media and also loaded to your own password protected gallery. (full high resolution and downloadable) I will take a few images and post on Facebook within a few hours/next morning to give you a taster as I know you will be itching to see them. (subject to your permission).


Getting to know you before the big day is important. Part of any package is time together before the day going over the venue layout and your plans in detail to ensure that I am on your wave length and seeing your personal stamp. Together we can mix ideas to make your day go the way you dream it.


For a full photo experience why not add a pre-wedding shoot. This is a great way to break the ice and for you to become relaxed with both me and my cameras. They don’t bite (neither do I)

The pre-wedding shoot can be on the same day as the venue check, meeting at a location nearby or we can meet again at a location of your choice (subject to distance). The shoot also includes an amazing personalised photo guest book which looks great and can be designed to fit your theme/colours. Please see the galleries below for samples of full pre-wedding shoots.


If you feel you need a second photographer this can be arranged. I use only professional wedding photographers who work in my style so the images match and flow. This is important as you would not want two styles giving an unbalanced set of images. I can arrange a bespoke package to include a second photographer. Prices would vary dependent on the time they are required for.


My motto in life is never assume. I have learnt along time ago to listen and not think of every wedding as being the same. it is easy to assume first dance, cake cutting, confetti shot etc but from experience these things are not always wanted or by some are seen as old fashioned. If you like my work and want to see my portfolio and albums then please book a meeting via the contact page. I promise to listen to what you want and hope for in your day and not to talk at you about how a wedding should go. The more creative and excited you are about your day, the more creative and excited I am to.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Love Birds - Pre Wedding Shoots
A perfect way to show the camera who you are!